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Audience engagement and new media assistance
Many museums, cultural institutions, and nonprofit organizations are struggling to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world filled with Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, Foursquare venues, blogs, nings, email marketing, and internet polls. They want to broaden their audience, better reflect the diversity of their constituent communities, make experiences meaningful, and engage new technology, but many are lost in the bevy of choices and don’t have the staff capacity even to get started. Illumine Creative Solutions can develop a thoughtful social media plan that meets client goals, and can offer support by setting up accounts, designing home pages, getting the initiative off the ground, and outlining a strategy for sustainability of the program.

Strategic planning and organizational vision
With an aging donor base and a challenging economic “new normal,” cultural institutions must now present themselves in approachable and compelling ways to expand audiences and secure the next generation of patrons, but broadening core constituencies can be an intimidating challenge. Illumine Creative Solutions works with clients to develop a sustainable vision for the future and a strategic framework for articulating and achieving progressive goals.

Exhibit and educational program development
Employing a visitor-centered approach to content, text, and experience development, clients benefit from the creativity, high standards, and collaborative spirit Illumine Creative Solutions’ experienced and confident leadership brings to project teams.

Exhibit evaluation and visitor assessment
Evaluation is a critical component of any successful project, allowing an organization to continually check-in with its constituents along the way. Successful evaluation ensures that an organization does not get ahead of itself in developing new experiences, programs, and initiatives without first and consistently being grounded by its own consumer audience. Let Illumine Creative Solutions show you how your existing programs, or next initiative could benefit from an evaluation plan.

Foundation relations and grant support
Information gained through visitor studies and outcome testing ensures clients, foundations, and benefactors that precious financial resources are being spent where they truly make a difference. By supplying clients with valuable data on the impact of programs and exhibits, development teams can strengthen funding requests, grant applications, and annual reports.

Professional artist support
Exhibition development and interpretive planning can seem like overwhelming tasks to an independent artist, consuming valuable time you could be using to create new artwork. Illumine Creative Solutions draws on Jennifer’s 18 years of experience working with fine artists, to plan contextually rich exhibits and installations in museums, university and private galleries, and even nontraditional settings. Illumine Creative Solutions can help with interpretive writing, proposal development, and exhibition logistics to ensure your next project receives rave reviews.