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Jan Kotila , Marketing Director , William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum worked directly with Jennifer at William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

“It was my pleasure to work with Jennifer Souers Chevraux at The McKinley Museum. I was Marketing Director of the Museum when she was Curator. I am very appreciative of her creative, energetic and intellectual approach to exhibitions. Jennifer is professional and keeps high standards both personally and professionally. Jennifer is a woman who has the talent, ambition and discipline to have chosen any number of professional fields in which she would have found great success. The museum world is all that much better because she chose it in which to indulge her cross-discipline interests. She is one of the best museum professionals I encountered in my years in museum studies and practice.” December 10, 2009

Lauren Marchaza , Guest Curator , Decorative Arts Center of Ohio worked directly with Jennifer at Illumine Creative Solutions
“Jennifer and I worked together on the exhibit "Ohio Collects Native American Art" at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio. She prepared a beautiful, functional, and unique design for the exhbit which synthesized the collections into a thematically unified, aesthetic whole. Her distinctive talent, enthusiasm, and ability to improvise were crucial contributions to the impressive success of the exhibit, earning it a spot on the Columbus Dispatch's list of Ohio's best visual art exhibitions of the year (2007).” December 10, 2009

Kristy Somerlot , VP, Project Development , Impact Communications worked directly with Jennifer at Illumine Creative Solutions
“Working with Jennifer is always a high-energy, focused, and positive experience! During the time I have known Jennifer she was Director of Exhibitions for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and President of Illumine Creative Solutions. In both these positions she has designed, developed, and managed popular, notable educational exhibitions. Jennifer excels at managing highly imaginative projects that sometimes have tight timelines and/or budgets. Her contagious enthusiasm and dedication rubs off on those fortunate clients, associates, and vendors who have the privilege of working with her.” May 12, 2008

Bridget Faricy , Health Info Specialist/Exhibit Developer, Cleveland Museum of Natural History worked for Jennifer at Cleveland Museum of Natural History
“It was a pleasure to work for Jennifer. She was an excellent manager who had the ability to get the best from her staff. She led by example, creating and overseeing the production of award-winning work, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. To every project she brought her considerable intelligence, infectious creativity and energy while never losing sight of the practical considerations of time and budget.” April 3, 2008

Carin Rockind, VP Communications and Marketing, Team NEO
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

“I first hired Jennifer Souers Chevraux to help with an Alcoa event at which we were hosting the Governor. She did an excellent job planning and executing the details so that the event ran smoothly and was highly successful. I recently hired her and Illumine Creative Solutions again to manage Team NEO's first-ever silent auction. We hired Jennifer to manage the logistics and creative display, but she went way above the call of duty. She immediately called her network for additional donations, helping us surpass our fundraising goals, then personally collected all the gifts and arranged the auction beautifully so that products SOLD. It was such a success that we plan to make it an annual fundraiser. I highly recommend Jennifer's work.” January 2, 2010

Terri Potenzini, Executive Director, Ohio Museums Association
“Jennifer is a huge asset to any organization! She has an incredible creative energy, impeccable attention to detail, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is dependable to lead and complete many types of projects. Any organization would be lucky to have Jennifer on their team!” January 4, 2010