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Illumine Creative Solutions, LLC offers collection curation, documentation, deaccession assistance, and legacy planning services with expertise gained in more than 25 years of service to museums, historic sites, libraries and archives, galleries, arts centers, and working artists.

In this digital age dominated by 24-hour news cycles, collections take on additional significance as tangible material that will testify to our times. We owe it to future generations to plan intentionally to ensure the lasting legacy of artworks and artifacts, and for the sustainability of institutions charged with their care. Perpetual care comes at significant cost when resources like space, time, and energy are at a premium. Let us help you plan and prioritize resources to maximize the impact and preservation of your collections.

Curation + Research

Jennifer's experience as a museum curator, exhibits director, and educator combined with her academic background in history, art history, and anthropology, make her uniquely skilled in selecting artworks and objects, as well as interpreting artistic, historical, ethnographic, archival, and natural history collections.

Collection Transition

Relocation, liquidation, institutional loans, intergenerational bequests and family transactions can be overwhelming and stressful. Jennifer is an experienced collection liaison, who can expertly manage these complicated exchanges for clients, serving as a collections concierge arranging movers, storage, appraisals, and legacy gifts.

Preservation Planning

We offer professional and discreet advice on collection care, handling, and risk-management. We help minimize the potential for damage by outlining the optimal conditions and care your artwork and objects need, and can refer you to a qualified conservator, or appraiser if damage has occurred.

Institutional Consulting

Jennifer served a wide variety of cultural heritage institutions—from a children’s museum to a Presidential history center—managing collections from moon rocks to firearms, and prehistoric arts to fine arts. She helps striving institutions embrace best practices, engage constituents, empower their boards, and strategically plan for a relevant and sustainable future.

Illumine Creative Solutions offers collection curation, preservation, and legacy planning services with expertise gained working for museums, nature and informal science centers, historic sites and archives, libraries, galleries, and working artists.

Why Choose Us


Illumine’s principal and founder, Jennifer Souers Chevraux, served the museum field as a curator, exhibits director, educator, preservation officer, board member, and president of the Ohio Museums Association.


Illumine's curatorial consulting offers individuals, families, and civic organizations the same industry expertise we provide to museums and other collecting institutions.


Because we do not appraise objects, sell artworks, or work exclusively with any outlet that does, our advice is impartial, confidential, and offered only in the best interest of our clients, regardless of a collection's marketability or intrinsic value.

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To schedule a consultation, please contact Jennifer Souers Chevraux, Principal.

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