What to do in the wake of water disaster?

Following this wave of polar cold weather, many homeowners and private collectors face catastrophic water damage caused by broken pipes. General contractors will help restore carpet, walls, and woodwork, but do you know what to do when your collections get wet? Early and appropriate action can mean the difference between salvaging your treasures and claiming a total loss. If you need a practical place to start, FEMA has a fact sheet with steps to take after a water disaster and links to additional resources like how to find conservators working in your area, object-specific steps to take to remediate water damage, and precautions for curbing the spread of dangerous mold.

As the climate around us changes and our weather becomes more extreme and less predictable, planning before another disaster strikes is the best first step. Simple do-it-yourself preparations and plans can protect both investment pieces and family heirlooms. Do you have specific questions or want help to avoid future losses in the wake of a water disaster? Send me a message and let’s talk.