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Long-lost medieval chess piece fetches $929K at auction. Credit: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Sotheby's

Don’t Overlook the Little Stuff

Having recently returned from two weeks in the UK and a visit to the National Museum of Scotland where several of the Lewis Chessmen are on exhibit, news of this long lost “warder” was a timely reminder not to overlook the little things lying around in drawers when inventorying a family collection.


Tips for Curating Children’s Artwork

Here at the end of the school year and beginning of summer, children everywhere are coming home with backpacks, binders, and folders full of an entire year's worth of their artwork and creative output. To the kids and many of their doting parents, every work is a masterpiece to be savored and saved, but if you're serious about curating your children's artwork and creating a manageable archive of their school years, the following tips should provide a guilt-free guide to get you started.