How to Approach Collections & Antiques Like a Museum Curator

On The Sound of Applause, July 24th, 2018, Carrie Wise interviewed Illumine’s founder, Jennifer Souers Chevruax about her approach to curating family collections. Click the image to connect to the archived interview on ideastream’s website.

From old collections to family keepsakes, people can accumulate a lot of stuff. Inevitably, a time comes when people need to move or pare down collections and keepsakes. It can be daunting to sort through boxes of family photos or seek a new home for unneeded antiques or artwork.

While working in Cleveland museums and art conservation, Jennifer Souers Chevraux said people often asked her who to turn to for help managing their collections. She said she did not have a name to offer them at the time, but it gave her the idea to start her own business, Illumine Creative Solutions, to consult on managing personal collections.