Ohio Museums Association 2019 Conference

At this year’s Ohio Museums Association Conference in Akron, Illumine’s founder, Jennifer Souers Chevraux will present an outside-the-box session challenging participants to examine our tightly-held museum  creeds, and consider whether they still apply in 2019. 

Register today to join Jennifer and museum professionals from across the state April 14-15th. Click the link below, or the image above to visit OMA’s conference webpage.

Defense Against the Dark (museum) Arts: A Debate with the Devil’s Advocate

Selling off collections? Selling out on social media? Are we selling our museum souls, or simply staying solvent and remaining relevant in a world that’s changing at the drop of a tweet? If you could throw out convention, and be dangerously honest, would you stick to the status quo, or burn it down and build it differently? In a dark room to provide anonymity, our moderator will present 10 challenging questions each followed by 5-6 minutes of open discussion.